Steven Schumann:

     I met Zac and Cierra Freshmen year at Marshall University when we were students there... and I feel like it would take a few seasons of How-I-Met-Your-Motheresqu flashbacks and exaggerated storytelling to truly give a fair accounting of all of the life that we've been through together since that year... 

    Our band was created during a jam session in a practice room in the second floor of Smith Music Hall which I think still encapsulates the spirit of the music we make. All three of us come from different backgrounds, and our music pulls flavors from folk, pop, J.S. Bach, traditional Irish, Appalachian styles, old-fashioned hymns, and even a little bit of opera if you catch us at the right time! But at the same time, we have always been united in our vision that music should always be for something greater than ourselves, and always stay authentic.

    In the years since, we've been able to play music in many different places, but the most enriching experiences have come from our opportunities to help serve a number of recovery programs in Huntington. As much as we hope to take our music on the road to people across the country some day, I think I can answer for my other band-mates and say that poorly singing worship music alongside Friends in Low Places with a room packed full of guys trying to beat the epidemic that has ravaged our community will always be one of our favorite performances.



Zac Doss

-Vocals, Guitar, longest hair in the band

Zac Doss is a lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter for Cypress. Zac's style is reminiscent of many singer-songwriters such as Vance Joy, and Ed Sheeran, while adding his own unique twist which adds a blend of religious imagery and impressive vocal abilitiy. Zac combines his literary songwriting with his love of Celtic Folk to create a truly unique blend of musical colors. A feature sound of Cypress is the tight and beautiful vocal harmonies traded between the Husband-and-Wife duo in the band that adds a profound depth and occasional humor. Zac studied Vocal Performance, English Education, and English at Marshall University, and has won national competitions allowing him to perform on stages across the U.S.


Cierra James Doss

-Vocals, Cajon, Coffee Runs

Cierra James Doss is a lead singer and songwriter for Cypress, while also switching between percussion and piano. Cierra's vocal training in conjunction with her virtuosic vocal abilities allows her to traverse from country, to jazz, to folk and back while maintaining her unique and touching style. Cierra draws on her experiences as a young woman growing up in West Virginia in much of her songwriting, and is able to craft a turn of phrase that cuts right to the heart of audiences. Cierra studied Vocal Performance and Music Education at Marshall University.


-Cello, Vocals, Various Sundry Tasks

Steven Schumann performs on cello, guitar, background vocals with Cypress, adding his own unique flavor of cello to a genre in which it is not commonly present. Steven lives in Nashville Tennessee, where he works as a freelance musician, private instructor, and session player. Steven has won awards for his classical performance, as well as his session playing abilities. Steven Studied Cello Performance and Music Education at Marshall University, and currently attends Belmont University as a graduate student studying Commercial Cello Performance. You can find more info about Steven on his website:


Steven Schumann